GCode Photo Wizard Software Version 1
Laser Engraving Photos with GCode is Now Easy!

How Many Computers Can I put the software on?
You can put the software on 4 computers. If you change hardware on the same computer it is considered a new computer. No credit is give for taking the software off a computer. You can reinstall updates on the same computer as many times as you like;

What laser setting should I use when engraving the photos?
We at Green Screen Wizard are photo and software experts but have only limited experience with laser engraving.
You will need to experiment on your laser, on our 15w diode laser we set it at 700 rate, 70% power. For colby dithering we use 40% overlap. You want the light parts of the photo to be visible but the dark areas as dark as possible. If you use sketch mode you can use a higher power.

What DPI should I use?
If you are dithering you should use the higest your laser will support. Many of the samples were done with 400dpi. The higher the dpi the slower the engraving. The higher the dpi the better the output, but if you use too high a dpi then it can cause dot overlap that leads to burning.

How did you get the backgrounds on the images to be so white?
The image were shot on a green background and then Green Screen Wizard was used to replace the green with pure white.

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If this FAQ does not answer your question then send an email to Support@GreenScreenWizard.com
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